Probably inspired by the German Jagdtiger's design, theType 2 "Ho-Ri" heavy tank destroyer combines the Type 5 "Chi-Ri" medium tank chassis with additional paddings and a 105mm anti-tank gun to hull. Heavily armored, with huge range and firepower, the Type 2 "Ho-Ri" is also very expensive, very slow, and requires to be protected from infantry by an escort. The capitulation of Japan canceled the production of these heavy tank destroyers.

Perhaps the best tank destroyer in the game, the Ho-Ri is able to hold its own against heavy tanks that can't be stopped by any other Japanese units. With level 5 armor, the Ho-Ri is the most resistant tank destroyer in the game. Best use for the defensive, the Ho-Ri, like most others in its class, must be stopped to fire. This makes it a poor offensive unit against armor, and is better put to use establishing defensive lines as the main army advances.

HistoryEdit Edit

The design of the Ho-Ri series were inspired by the German tank destroyer. The Ho-Ri 1, which is the Japanese advanced tank destroyer in game, and Ho-Ri 2 were armed with 105mm Type 1 gun. The Ho-Ri 2 feature casemate entirely armored on the chassis modified of the medium tank Type 5 Chi-Ri, and a bow 37mm Type 1 gun. The casemate according to the plans was front for The Ho-Ri 2 and back for the Ho-Ri 1. In real life, no prototypes was built, and the design remained only a concept due to the lack of resources at hand to the Empire of Japan.

WeaponsEdit Edit


Large cal. 
AP shell

483 121 60 30 24 15 500m