The Tokarev is a semiautomatic handgun, Tokarev Fredor created (hence the name), in order to serve the Soviet army and replace the Nagant M1859 , which was regarded as outdated, and to compare it with the Nagant, they realized that had more potential, and cuetión of weeks, I use the Red Army, and led to the Second world War, but it should be noted that the aim of replacing the Nagant was not met, as few copies remained in use.


  • Nacionalidad : Unión Soviética.
    Tokarev TT-33 real

    Tokarev TT-33 realy similar a la del juego.

  • Creador : Fredor Tokarev.
  • Calibre : 7 mm - 7,62 mm.
  • Munición : 8 cartuchos (Extraible)
  • Tipo : Pistola semiautomática.


  • In the game, just mention the name of the weapon is TT, but it appeared that it was a Tokarev TT-33 because of its history and found in the game.
  • In Soviet missions, officials and engineers have the Silenced Nagant revolver and Nagant, but in multiplayer games, these units have the TT-33.