Based on the Panzer III chasis, the StuG III Ausf.G mates the Panzer III's speed with heavy armor and a 75mm cannon.


The StuG III is not much use in the early stages of the game, as the Panzer III Ausf.J can fufill the same duties e.g. tank destroy, Infantry support. In the mid game stage, the StuG can become a powerful assest, as the Panzer III eventually gets outclassed by better tanks, the StuG can easily silence enemy tanks such as the Mk IIA Matilda and M4A3 Sherman. The armor of the Stug is also quite thick, and some tank guns can struggle to get through the armor. However, the one critical weakness of the tank is that if the StuG's engine or track is destroyed, enemy tanks can get around and hit the weak side and rear armor, as the StuG lacks a proper turret.