Flag of the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union is one of the playable factions in Men of War and its other WWII cousins

History Edit

When the forces of Germany first attacked the Soviets in Operation Barbarossa, the Red Army was virtually incapable of stopping the Wehrmacht as they lacked proper defensive measures and leadership was incapable of proper leadership after Stalin's purge. It wouldn't be until the Battles of Kursk and Stalingrad that the tide would begin to turn, in addition to the ever-widening frontlines, the eventual rallying of Soviet forces, and the arrival of winter. The Red Army was feared by the Wehrmact after 1943 due to their ferocity in taking positions and their ruthlessness stemming from the German pillaging of Russian lands in 1941-42 during the mentioned Operation Barbarossa.

Tactics Edit

True to history, you use the "human wave" tactic, which is an offensive infantry tactic in which an attacker conducts an unprotected frontal assault with densely concentrated infantry formations against the enemy line, intended to overrun the defenders by engaging in melee combat. You literally throw a massive number of men at the enemy. But remember to take note of enemy machine gun positions and take them out with artillery or armor or the attack would only be mass slaughter.

Soviet T-34 tanks are reliable and mobile so use them to your advantage but remember to always look out for enemy artillery and armor.

The Soviets place a heavy emphasis on artillery. The 203mm B-4 howitzer and the BM-13 Katyusha are powerful artillery pieces. Take care.

Soviet missionsEdit

Pros Edit

+ Good Heavy tanks with thick armor but with a slow reload rate.

+ Katyusha rocket launchers are effective artillery pieces

+ PPSH infantry under direct control can take out a huge defensive infantry line.

Cons Edit

- Rather inaccurate rifle infantry

- All tanks are inaccurate at long distant engagements

- Over reliance on the PPSH

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Men of War: Condemned Heroes Edit

Armoured Vehicle Edit

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  • GAZ-67
  • M-72

Men of War: Red Tide Edit

O-38 T-26 I3L NI-1 T-60 T-70 T-34 Sapper T-34 Towing Vehicle