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Romania is a faction that is featured in Men Of War Red Tide. Along with Italy, it is on the Axis side. Romania features a number of units, such as the IAR-80 fighter planes and R1 Prague light tanks which are exclusive to Romania. It also features German and captured Soviet vehicles with Romanian emblems on them. In addition, Romania has its own weapons, such as the Orita M1941 and the Hotchkiss AA gun.

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Romania entered World War II soon after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941.[175] The country regained Bessarabia and northern Bucovina, and the Germans placed Transnistria (the territory between the rivers Dniester and Dnieper) under Romanian

administration.[176] Romanian and German troops massacred at least 160,000 local Jews in these territories; more than 105,000 Jews and about 11,000 Gypsies died during their deportation from Bessarabia to Transnistria.[177] Most of the Jewish population of Moldavia, Wallachia, Banat and Southern Transylvania survived,[178] but their fundamental rights were limited.[179] After the German occupation of Hungary in March 1944, about 132,000 Jews – mainly Hungarian-speaking – were deported to extermination camps from Northern Transylvania with the Hungarian authorities' support.[177][180]

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