The rifle squad are the basic infantry of all factions. Equipped with semi-automatic rifles or bolt-action, but also have the basic tools of infantry. The rifle may perform any work or function, acting as a cheap screen, co-tank capacity or to protect the mortars and artillery. They should be used at range as rifles allow tremendous advantage and accuracy of conventional weapons, the only drawback is its rate of fire and reloading speed.Los rifle loadouts for each faction follows:


  • MP: 7
  • CP: 18
  • Weapons: 6 x EM-3 (Lee-Enfield bolt-action)
  • Equipment: 6 x AP grenades, 1 x AT grenades, 20 x medkits, 6 x breastworks
  • Squad: 6 x Riflemen
  • Remark: These riflemen are most effective at long and medium ranges, however, in close combat, they become easy prey for Submachine Gunners and Assault Squads. The British frequently used the Lee-Enfield for the only reason that they did not have another sufficient mass-produceable infantry weapon. With tank support, the Riflemen could support tanks (that otherwise had no mean of defending themselves against infantry threats) against German grenadiers. It was only until the introduction of the Sten SMG that close-combat could be achieved.