It is a mass produced revolver by Belgian Leon Nagant weaponry (hence the name), and eventhough it was adopted by too many countries that had the largest user was the Soviet Union, worn by police, army and even the officers, adopting the 1895 version, and later created them silenced.


Revólver Nagant M1985

Nagant real y similar a la del juego.

  • Nacionalidad : Unión soviética - Bélgica - Imperio ruso.
  • Creador : Emile y León Nagant.
  • Calibre :  5,5 o 7,62 mm.
  • Capacidad : 7 cartuchos.
  • Tipo : Revólver.


  • Because the game does not specify the full name (only Nagant), it appeared that this weapon was because of the similarities found in the game and history.