The Infantry tank MK IIA Matilda is the Commonwealth of Nation's primary medium tank, alongside it's oppisite, the Crusader. The Matilda has a low speed of 20, and has a less then sufficent 2 pounder Quick-Firing main gun, yet it makes up for these flaws with heavy armour. Approximatly 70mm of armour at the front, the Matilda can bounce a large amount of guns, including the German Panzer III J and the majority of early Japanese tanks. It does however lack a large anti-infantry defence, with only 1 co-axel Machine gun and the HE rounds of the main gun. It is therefore easily rushed by a large amount of infantry

Most players prefer to use the Matilda instead of the Crusader, as the tank is highly effective and costs very little. Compared to the Crusader, it lacks the heavy punch of the 6-pounder but does get a heavier chance to survive due to the armour. Given enough time though, the 2-pounder can damage anything a 6-pounder can, but may not get the time against larger tanks.