M4A3 Sherman
M4A3 Sherman
General information
Nation USA
Category Tank Support
Class Medium Tank
Primary Armament 75mm M3 (AP, HE, APCR)
Secondary Armament .50 cal M2HB, .30 cal M1919
Armor 51, 38, 38, 22 (front, side, rear, top)
Crew 5 (gunner, driver, loader, commander, gunner)
Secondary information
MP price 440
Speed 33
Fuel 560

Description Edit

American medium tank.

History Edit

The Sherman tank entered mass production by the US during World War 2 due to a growing need for a tank on the frontline to compete with the German equivalents such as the Panzer 4. However the American tank were very ineffective against the German tanks due to their underpowered 75mm gun and their relatively weak armor compared to the Panzers. Due to its relatively low resource cost entered mass production regardless of these faults. This spawned many variants of the tank such as the Sherman Jumbo and the Sherman 76mm tanks to combat the originals faults.

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