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Japan is a Playable faction in Men of War: Assault Squad.
Bandera de japón

La bandera de la facción japonesa.

Japan was known for their Bushido code (Never surrendering no matter what, or you are dishonorable), that made their infantry very disciplined and less prone to surrendering. However Japanese land forces was ruined by a strategy called Banzai in which Japanese land forces charged at enemy lines which usually led to being mowed down by enemy machine gun fire, causing many unnescesary casualities.


Since the start of WW2, Japan had taken military control of China, French-Indochina and some Pacific Islands. The bombing of Pearl Harbor caused the war between Japan and U.S.A

Usage Edit

Due to Japan's extremely cheap units. Spam is a neccesary tactic to beat other factions. Early game pressure must be a priority and you must not stop sending in armor and infantry to take strategic points.

While you do have an advantage early on due to your cheap troops and armor, Keep in mind all your units are mediocre and cannot stand nor hold objectives for long.

Pros Edit

+ The Type 100 is the best SMG in the game.

+ Cheap units and vehicles. You could pop 2 tanks in one minute.

Cons Edit

- Worst rifle in the game. Slow and inaccurate

- Worst Elite units in the game. Bad enough to be repelled by most regular infantry in the game.

- Tanks with paper thin armor.

- Worst MG in the game


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