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The Kingdom of Italy is one of the three major Axis powers, alongside Germany and Japan. After the armistice and invasion of Italy in 1943, some Fascist's still fought on Germany's side throughout the war.


After Germany started the WWII, with the invasion of Poland and France, Italy declared war on France and England on the 10th of June 1940.

Benito Mussolini, the Fascist Italian Dictator, was obsessed with building a 'New Roman Empire'. He aimed to do this by first seizing the British controlled African territories of Sudan and Egypt, thereby creating a large chunk of Italian land in east Africa. However the attacks on both failed, and British troops were easily able to drive the Italians back to their colonies of Somalia and Libya. Furthermore, Italian attacks on Greece from neighbouring Albania also failed, and this eventually forced Hitler to divert the Wehrmacht south to rescue his Italian ally.

From here on, Italy fought alongside Germany in the war, both in North Africa with Rommals Africa Corps, and on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union.

The country was eventually forced to surrender when the joint British, American and Free French forces landed in Italy in 1943. Mussolini was killed by communist partisans in 1945.


Italians are all about speed. It does not have huge powerful tanks, but their small armoured cars and tankettes can flank Allied tanks easily. Italian soldiers are relatively weak, but in numbers they can really mess the Allied armies up. Playing as Italy takes skill and patience to master with their terrible weapons and vehicles.




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