Ingame IS-2
General information
Nation Soviet Union
Category Tank
Class Heavy tank
Role Anti-Tank/Break Through Tank
Primary Armament 122 mm D25
Secondary Armament 3x7.62mm DT-29, 1xhull, 1xco-axel, 1xturret rear + DShK Anti-Aircraft.
Armor 120-40mm
Crew 5 (9)
Secondary information
MP price 85
Speed 28

Expensive but devastating in gunpower and armor. Like the real life counterpart the IS-2 has an incredible reload time of 15 seconds.


The IS-2 entered mass production in October 1943 and, with its long-barrelled 122mm gun able to destroy German tanks from a long range, was considered to be the most powerful Soviet tank of WWII. However, because of a seperate ammo hold, the gun's reload time was disturbingly long. Against aircraft and light-armored targets the tank employed a turret-mounted large-calibre machinegun.

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