Antitank grenades are used by all factions in the game. They are most commonly simple design, filled with large amounts of explosives. Users throwing against armored vehicles, the vehicle almost always overwhelming. They can not be throwing grenades to mines, only a maximum of 13 meters in the game. The infantry unit holding the grenade AT should be cautious when approaching a selected enemy vehicle, making sure not killed before entering the effective range. When throwing a grenade AT, it will take up to 3 seconds to reach the target (depending on how far it is) and explode on contact, Be careful when throwing the grenade at a moving vehicle, as it may be out of the way at the time that the grenade reaches the target. The pomegranate, like an armor-piercing shell, penetrate where an impact, destroying the hull, turret, engine or even [1] A Russian RGD-33 hand granada.Agregado by ManofWarpistas if he hit. There will always put the car out of action but simply can destroy the engine or in the turret and the tank will be salvageable.

Real Grenades

Real Grenades.

Images-rgd-33russianfrag mp

A Russian RGD-33 handheld AT grenade.

With heavily armored vehicles like the Tiger II, IS-3 or turtle, the grenade can explode on contact, but not pentrate armor, making any daño.En situations how are you, you should direct the engine compartment first, is expected to cause a fire egine eventually create a catastrophic explosion completely destroyed the vehicle.

AT grenades can even be used against infantry, when a soldier is released, if they directly hit will explode and vaproise them without a trace. The blast radius is just meters away and kill any troops trapped inside.