Description Edit

Many of the games in the Men of War series come with a GEM editor, which allows map and mission editing.

Hotkeys Edit

Hotkey Effect
F1 Play mode
F2 Map Editor mode
F3 Mission Editor mode
F6 Open environment settings
F9 Open mission properties (when in F3 mode)
Ctrl+C Copy selected entities to clipboard
Ctrl+F Focus camera on selected entity
Ctrl+I Edit inventory of selected entity
Ctrl+M Map properties
Ctrl+O Open map
Ctrl+Q Lock/unlock camera position
Ctrl+S Save map
Ctrl+T Edit tags of selected entity
Ctrl+V Paste from clipboard
Ctrl+0 Go to centre of map
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D Hide UI
Ctrl+Alt+D Hide UI except for minimap and team
Alt+A Obstacles on/off
Alt+B Show/hide collision boxes
Alt+H Switch between visible heightmap, land heightmap, terrain heightmap, path planner heightmap, heightmap off
Alt+F Toggle fog of war
Alt+I Show MIDs
Alt+P AI chosen waypoints on/off
Alt+R Call function of selected entity
Alt+S Show entity orientation
Alt+T Show tags of selected entity
Alt+V Entity polygon view
Alt+W Switch between terrain wireframe views
Alt+X Exit editor
Alt+Z Show operation history
Shift+F First person view (not recommended)
Shift+T Open textures
Esc Open Mission Editor menu
` Open console
A Change altitude of selected entity
C Rotate selected entities around common Z axis
X Rotate selected entity in any/all axes
Z Rotate selected entity around local Z axis
T Find and replace map properties
W Show entity menu for selected entity
Numpad 0 - 9[1] Change current team
Numpad -/+[1] Decrease/increase brush size
0 - 9 Change open tab (while in F2/F3 mode)

Note: Keybindings are for Men of War.

Some keys can be toggled to activate/deactivate or switch between effects.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Some keyboards lack a number pad, or have the wrong kind. If NumLock is activated and this does not work, try using the Windows on screen keyboard instead.

Misc Hints/Tips Edit

  • To force a unit into another unit, for example a soldier into a vehicle; select both, open the console ('), type g_link and press enter.
  • If some units are invisible, enter Mission Editor mode (F3) and press F9. Scroll down to fog, and click the check to deactivate it.
  • You can change the video/audio/game/control options when in play mode (F1). Only the regular keybinds can be changed; the editor keybinds are hardcoded.
  • Once a mission is loaded in the Mission Editor (F3), certain functions in Map Editor mode (F2) will be locked.

Tutorials Edit

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