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The Commonwealth is one of the playable factions in Men of War. The state includes the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and has two seasons, respectively, and Men of War Men of War: Assault Squad. Recognized in the game for its wide variety of infantry. 
Bandera de la mancomunidad

Commonwealth Faction Flag.

History Edit

With the outbreak of the war, the Commonwealth declared war on Germany in 1939, with the invasion of Poland. Beside them was France, which was invaded and forced to surrender. Britain and the Commonwealth were left to fight the Axis war machine alone until 1941, when both the Soviet Union and America joined the war. Despite losing several battles early on, eventually Britain crippled the Axis armies when it defeated the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain in 1940-41 and the Italian-German army in North Africa in 1941-42, and later went on to be one of the driving factors in the invasion of Europe and the defeat of Germany.

Overview Edit

The Commonwealth have a large variety of units, both of infantry and armour. Their tanks range from slow, heavily armoured Mk IIA Matilda to the fast, heavily armed Sherman Firefly. Their infantry is practically similar to other nations. The Commonwealth is favoured in multiplayer. Their infantry were improved in Men of War: Assault Squad.

Pros Edit

+ A big Variety of units

+ Heavily armored heavy tanks

+ Powerful LMG

Cons Edit

- Heavy tanks lack firepower

- worst SMG infantry and SMG

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