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Description Edit

A fragmentation grenade designed for killing infantry.

Faction Variants Edit

AP Grenades

M61, M39, M24, F1, Mk I, Type 97, Type 99

USA Edit

AP Grenade M61 Edit

American made grenade. Variant of the M26 with an extra safety.

Germany Edit

AP Grenade M24 Edit

German made grenade (Model 1924 Stielhandgranate).

AP Grenade M39 Edit

German made grenade (Model 39 Eihandgranate).

Soviet Union Edit

AP Grenade F1 Edit

Soviet made grenade, based on a French design.

Commonwealth Edit

AP Grenade Mk I Edit

British made grenade (Mills Bomb).

Japan Edit

AP Grenade Type 97 Edit

Japanese made grenade.

AP Grenade Type 99 Edit

Japanese made grenade. Improved version of the Type 97.

Italy Edit

OTO m.35 Edit

Italian made grenade. Men of War: Red Tide.

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